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»» Why Does Inequality Matters?

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The text of Dr. Reza Gholami speech in the eighth Neo-world meeting about Prof. Scanlon’s book (Why Does Inequality Matters) Wednesday, 24 May 2023- Tehran- Institute Cultural, Social and Civilization Studies (ICSCS) - the Al-Farabi Hall In the name of God First, I would like to thank Professor Scanlon for accepting the invitation of the Research Institute of Cultural, Social and civilization Studies to participate in this meeting. I am also grateful to Dr. Hossein Houshmand and Mrs. Narges Selahshor for participating in this meeting. I would like ...
»» Philosophical notes of Prof. Reza Gholami on Facebook/part one

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(Not edited) 1 Brian Magee and the Philosophical Account of Philosophy: Either pragmatism has weakened deep thinking or there are no more people like Bryan Magee to introduce attractive men of thought. I've been watching Bryan Magee's excellent conversations with contemporary philosophers for a few days, and I'm enjoying it. Conversations are sustained by Maggie's mastery. Is there anyone who has followed the path of Maggie?  Let me know if you know anyone. Reza Gholami برایان مگی و روایت فیلسوفانه از فلسفه یا عمل گرایی تفکر عمیق را تضعیف ...
»» Islamic Humanities has been successful in competition with secular human sciences

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Exclusive interview with Hujjat Al-Islam Dr. Reza Gholami , professor and chairman of the International Congress on Islamic Humanities Q. Thank you for this conversation. to begin, we would like to provide your own definition about Islamic human sciences. In my view, Islamic humanities will organize the individual and social life in particular. Meaning and a new order in human life.You know, the Islamic Humanities, opens a new window to humans. In fact, this science will reveal new facts. Says, you do not see ...