Islamic Humanities has been successful in competition with secular human sciences

Exclusive interview with Hujjat Al-Islam Dr. Reza Gholami , professor and chairman of the International Congress on Islamic Humanities

Q. Thank you for this conversation. to begin, we would like to provide your own definition about Islamic human sciences.

In my view, Islamic humanities will organize the individual and social life in particular. Meaning and a new order in human life.You know, the Islamic Humanities, opens a new window to humans. In fact, this science will reveal new facts. Says, you do not see an important part of reality. Because your glasses are not able to demonstrate this fact. Replace your glasses to see the world more realistic. Human, in recent centuries, is extremely superficial. Islamic Humanities recommends depth look into the world. Of course, these are all born of Islamic rationality.

Q. l think, the secular Human sciences is the same. Let me be clear. What are the differences between secular human sciences and the islamic human sciences?

Do you think really the secular human sciences, as well as our reality show? I do not accept this. Secular humanities will take all the facts into the lab materials. or anatomy dissection hall. Are all the facts can be understood in this way? is it true that anything not be seen under a microscope, is not there? Secular humanities not see an important part of reality. Like blind peoples.The big problem is here.
The main difference between these two science related to resources and their methodology.
Islamic humanities are accepting the various resources and methodologies but the secular humanities are limiting of the resources and methodologies.
Of course, resources and methodologies are classified on the basis of efficiency. We do not accept that from any source and method to be used for any kind of knowledge. For example, God or the soul and morality is not found in the lab or dissection!
On the other hand, the emperical source and methodology are too effective in Islamic humanities. We can not ignore place and role of positivism to understand and solve a series of social issues. Thus, sources and methods should be holistic and realistic. In other words, reason, wisdom, revelation and experience, should find their own particular role in humanities clearly. In addition, these recources need to interact with each other. However, areas of knowledge in the Islamic humanities, can be divided into specific and common areas.

Q. If so, wisdom and revelation how to find thire validity and credibility in Islamic epistomology?

The Credibility of reason comes from reason. Do you doubt this? where to get your credit mathematical reason? Of course we are not talking abut mathematical now. But credibility of 2×2=4 not get out of the mathematic.
on the other, the credibility of revelation comes from reason. undoubtedly، in Islam, all Islamic teachings are rational. Of course, the reason in our opinion, is not just intellect. It is important that, the reason can prove the basis of revelation or detail of revelation. yes, sometimes seem to conflict with reason and revelation, But do not forget that the revelation has been proved by reason.Therefore, we believe the revelation though but we are not able to prove all its details.

Q. Do not you think, what you mean repeating the philosophy of Christianity in the Middle Ages?

Never, Christianity after Christ, is not a rational religion. Christianity was distorted by the church. They preferred their own interests to pure Christianity.
Of course, they recruited philosophy and built Christian theology by philosophy but the philosophy in Christianity, has never been free. in Islam, philosophy seeks to answer Islamic questions؛ but the philosophy is completely free. therefore, the role of reason in Islam is different. I advise you, when you speak of Islam, empty your mind of Christianity.

Q. You think, with Islamic human sciences can build the world? Is this science is able to peresent welfare for human?

Islam has clear views about the build of the world but Islam wants to build material and spiritual life together. Living in the material world, is not equal to all life. However, this world is important and should be built, but not eternal. Therefore, a model for the good life, shuld has a clear and progressive program for world and the hereafter, and Islam has it. I recently wrote a book entitled Islam and progress. In this book, I explained Islam views about progress. I would recommend this book to read and find your answers.

Q. what is the main message in your theory (Islamic Humanities) for scosaity?

secular humanities can not have a deep understanding of Islamic community problems. So, it gives the wrong address to society. On the other hand, the secular humanities fill the wrong prescription for the Islamic Society. We want to end this unreasonable situation.We do not want to have the big mistaks about our society. We’re going to build Islamic society on the basis of Islamic teachings and public believes. this is the main idea of ​​me and my scholar friends.

Q. How do you assess the record of the West in the humanities?

It is clear that my assessment is negative. Today the world situation is very painful. Every day is started a new war and tens of thousands of civilians are killed. What is the guilt of women and children who were killed? These people are killed with mass destruction by western governments. most terrorist groups affiliated to the West too. or look at the world of moral corruption. is this the worst imaginable? see injustices. the share of 99 percent, by 1 percentage eaten. Look at the environment. what happened to the environment by capitalism system? I think, Recognizing responsible for these disasters is not difficult. In my opinion, responsible of this situation is secular human sciences. This sciences have theorized that crime and injustice during last three centuries.

Q. How would you describe the positionof Islamic humanities in Iran?

Islamic humanities have been well-received in Iranian universities. Today talk freely about these sciences has found significant growth. Of course، the Islamic humanities have serious opponents in Iran too but Our opponents have not been able to stand against the powerful logic. they often face political with Islamic humanities and do not have serious scientific discuss. you should know that the Islamic Humanities has been successful in competition with secular human sciences in some fields.
We go forward quickly and looking to find large fields for our major projects.

Q. Except for Iran, which has become as a center of Islamic humanities, how is the today conditions of islamic humanities in the Muslim world?

You asked a good question. First, I should say that the Islamic humanities, at least half a century of experience in the Muslim world. we have faced with thinkers, who four decades ago, raised the Islamic economic major theory. As well as those who founded the field of Islamic education. I believe, Muslim scientists world must work together in this area. fortunately, In recent years، achieving to the great Islamic civilization became as a serious vital aim. We must understand that the new Islamic civilization without Islamic humanities is not possible. In fact, Islamic humanities is the key to the new Islamic civilization. we have some major achievements in the field of Islamic political sciences and islamic management and so on that we can share these achievements to the world of Islam.

Thank you for this exclusive interview.