Gaza; Crime against Humanity

Savage and cruel regime of Israel has occupied Palestine for 60 years. During 60 years ago till now, tens thousands of innocent Palestinians include too many children and women have been being killed by this terrorist regime. Also, during 60 years ago, many of Palestinians have been forced to leave their ancestral land and became refugees. During these years, part of Palestinians include some innocent women have been captured in illegal prisons as well as most of the Palestinian prisoners have been tortured by this regime. Although the big killer regime has been propagating its doubtful belief about the Holocaust in order to create a big and particular right for itself, the people in around the world should judge what the real Holocaust is and where it is, Palestine or Germany?! Who is the real killer, Nazi regime or Israeli regime? (Or both of them)        

It is so strange that all the regimes which have supported Israel during 60 years ago call themselves human rights keepers in the world and accuse others of violating the human rights.

During 60 years ago till now, the United States of America has aided this terrorist regime with a lot of advanced weapons of mass destruction to kill innocent people more than before or threaten other countries in this region. (We do not forget the recent Israel attack to Lebanon and so many civilians who have been killed by this regime)

Even though today this wolfish regime has a lot of nuclear bombs, not a single international organization could ask any serious question about the inspection of Israeli nuclear arsenals. There is not any doubt that Israel is a perpetual danger for this region but unfortunately many of the Arab governments cannot understand this truth anyway.

It is so obvious that the peace with Israel is absolutely meaningless and the governments, who think capable of living with Israel peacefully, are wasting the time. 

At the present time, Gaza has been surrounded by the cruel regime. All the main ways are blocked. Even Egypt, who has had black back-ground to co-operate with Israel against Palestinians, does not ready to open the Rafah way as well as help the civilians.

No food, no electricity, no fuel, even no medicine in Gaza and Palestinian have being encountered with unprecedented humanitarian situation.

According to news agencies, up to now, 900 people include 350 children and 150 women have been butchered by Israeli army and also 4000 people were injured.

On the other hand, Israeli soldiers are not allowing journalists to enter to Gaza and show the realities. The innocent people who are inside Gaza are facing the massive and nonstop bombardment now. Israeli aircrafts are bombing civilian houses, schools and mosques. In fact, it is not possible to make a real report about the depth of Gaza painful situations.

Israeli authorities announce that the attack to Gaza is a defensive operation and continue till Hamas stop firing the rockets to Israel. While it is really ridicules, the western countries, who are the partners of Israel to kill the innocence, repeat it over 100 times. But the big question is who started fire, Israel or Hamas (legal government of Palestine)? The killing of people by surrounding Gaza means war, doesn’t it? Supposing the people in around the world accept that reason, killing so many children and women in Gaza can never be justified by Israeli authorities.

The Muslims not only are facing the essential but also historical circumstance now. The people inside Gaza need urgent helps. They cannot rely on dictatorial Arab regimes, hypocritical western governments or the American-Israeli UN Security Council helps. The Muslims must be on their feet and help Gaza quickly and know deeply as follows:

1-      As the Palestinians have the right of free election as well they have elected Hamas, Hamas is the legal government of Palestine now.

2-      Israel regime has never respected any kind of truce before, now and even future and still continues wild actions against Palestinians. So, the Muslims should unite to punish Israel by different ways such as world-wide and permanent sanction. 

3-      The Israel cannot win a victory over the resistance of Hamas and we can see the signs of failure of Israel from now.

As we have learned :( جاء الحق و ذهق الباطل ان الباطل کان ذهوقا)

Since the Palestine is the ancestral land of Palestinians and also as Palestine (Qods) is the first of Muslims Qiblah, the Palestine is not salable and eventually must be returned to Palestinians


 By: Reza Gholami